The Berkshires Retreat Workshop - Photo Credit: Paul Hile

The Berkshires Retreat Workshop - Photo Credit: Paul Hile

The Temple Hotel Workshop, Beijing

Temple Hotel

The Temple Hotel Workshop, Beijing




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Design your own group or private workshop with Simon Van Booy.

Sample programs include:

-Intensive 12-Month Novel Writing Program

-Individual Story/Essay Consultation

-Writing and Placing Professional Articles

-Advanced Fiction



For more information and rates, e-mail Delphine at


"Simon's insights help clarify the often murky process of writing, as well as the murkier process of getting published."
- Jill Wright

"Simply put, one could not ask for a more splendid week writing,discussing, and experiencing literature with such an extraordinary and talented writer (and teacher) as Simon."

- Paul Hile

"In one week, Simon instilled in me the confidence and determination to be a writer. I haven't looked back—and couldn't be more grateful."

- Alison Hess