The Berkshires Retreat Workshop - Photo Credit: Paul Hile

The Berkshires Retreat Workshop - Photo Credit: Paul Hile

The Temple Hotel Workshop, Beijing

Temple Hotel

The Temple Hotel Workshop, Beijing



Design Your Own Group Or Private Workshop With Simon Van Booy...

Do you want to write a book in twelve months? Or perhaps finish one you have been working on already? Simon currently takes on four writers per year, and helps each person either, create a first draft of a book, or polish and edit a work currently being written. The experience is like having your own personal, professional book editor. Most courses are five hours per month, which includes 60 minutes of telephone consultation, and 240 minutes of editing from Simon, with full commentary and suggestions.

Both twelve and six-months options are available, as are hourly sessions for individual stories, articles, or papers.

Sample Programs include
  • Intensive 6-Month/12-Month First Draft Novel Writing Program ·
  • Individual Story/Essay Consultation · Writing and Placing Professional Articles ·
  • Fiction ·
  • Memoir ·
  • Poetry
For questions, more information, and rates, e-mail Delphine at

Recent Testimonials

"Simon's insights help clarify the often murky process of writing, as well as the murkier process of getting published." - Jill W.

"Simon instilled in me the confidence and determination to be a writer. I haven't looked back—and couldn't be more grateful." - Alison H.

"Simon Van Booy brings his exceptional literary talent to the editor's table. Working with him on my writing project was extraordinary. Simon's organization, encouragement and thoughtful, targeted suggestions helped me create a far stronger manuscript." - Tanya R.

Design your Own Group Workshop

If you have ever wanted to start writing, or wish to take your fiction to the next level, Simon is available on a select basis, for private group and individual workshops both in the U.S. and overseas. Workshops can be arranged to suit your schedule. Previous classes/periods of instruction have ranged from three-hours to a whole week, and have taken place across the globe from Beijing to Santa Barbara.

While Simon has taught many different kinds of workshops, from advanced editing to a 'masterclass' for advanced writers/M.F.A. students, the most popular is still the 'fundamentals' workshop, which covers all the basics needed to develop (start and maintain) a writing practice. Participants will address techniques to unearth stories, and develop ideas to help maintain a narrative thread. Simon will also explore the mysterious techniques for bringing characters to life, and suggest ways to develop, deepen, and layer story without losing momentum. He will discuss metaphor, language, dialogue, tone, pacing, line-editing, time (flashbacks), and voice, using examples to illustrate each point.

Simon van Booy will also suggest ways to balance writing practice with the demands of everyday life, and suggest ideas to stay focused—as writers rarely work under ideal conditions. The goal of the workshop is for each participant to complete the course with greater confidence in his/her own writing abilities, and to have fresh ideas (and motivation) on how to develop story, characters, tone, dialogue, and structure.

Workshops/classes also focus on helping a writer find his or her own way, so that a strong practice can be developed following the experience, and then kept going for years to come. The business of writing will also be addressed. Please contact Delphine at to design your own group or private workshop, or just to get more information