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Speaking Engagement

Book Simon Van Booy to speak at your Campus, Conference, Fundraiser, Club, Community or Other Event.

While Simon Van Booy is known largely as an award-winning writer, he also hosts and participates in domestic and international speaking events.  Van Booy’s subjects are wide-ranging and cover an array of topics that he explores in his fiction, philosophy, and essays. 

"Simon Van Booy is a spellbinding speaker whose every word is made careful note of by his audience. His talks are delivered with wit and style, and proof of his star power can be found in the inevitable line that forms of those who want to speak to him afterward."
Penny Wright
Director of Adult Programming, Rogers Memorial Library, Southampton, New York
"Simon Van Booy is as wonderful, funny, and lovely a speaker as he is a writer. His audience was mesmerized. Simon was one of the most memorable speakers we've ever seen at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference."
Monte Schulz
Executive Director of Santa Barbara Writers Conference

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