Writing Workshops

Editorial and Workshops

In addition to writing books, Simon is also a passionate editor who works with both published and unpublished authors through private workshops, manuscript review, and a summer writing camp—held online each year. For more details, availability, and pricing, please enquire below for more information.

Private Workshops 

Simon works with a maximum of four writers per year over a period of six or 12 months. The experience is akin to having your own personal, professional book editor to set deadlines, review work, line-edit text, and talk through various processes through Zoom/phone calls. This workshop is good for authors who wish to finish a work-in-progress, or complete the entire first draft of a new novel, memoir, or short story collection.

Manuscript Review

The manuscript review is where Simon helps an author reveal more of what’s excellent in a manuscript by suggesting where and when the author add, cut, and rewrite sections to make the author’s voice clearer, more emotionally poignant, and to help the story flow more successfully. This is not a line-edit but a complete evaluation of the cogs and structure with a full written report, and then several Zoom/phone calls to establish a clear path forward.  


"The single best experience a novice writer can have.”
"By far the most comprehensive, lively, and helpful writing workshop that I've ever taken."
"You will leave empowered to continue your writing journey.”
"Simon's insights help clarify the often murky process of writing, as well as the murkier process of getting published."
Jill W.
"Simon instilled in me the confidence and determination to be a writer. I haven't looked back—and couldn't be more grateful."
"Simon Van Booy brings his exceptional literary talent to the editor's table. Working with him on my writing project was extraordinary. Simon's organization, encouragement and thoughtful, targeted suggestions helped me create a far stronger manuscript."

Summer Writing Camp

This event takes place virtually over four weeks in the early summer, with a week of evening lectures on instruction, then a two-week writing period with check-ins and guest speakers (such as literary agents or celebrated writers), and then a week of evening sessions, where students read and workshop each other’s writing. The goal of the workshop is for each participant to complete the course with greater confidence in their own writing abilities, and to have fresh ideas, motivation, and a clear path ahead. By the end of the camp, each participant should feel fully confident in their writing process, have developed new skills and techniques for writing fiction, and have a polished story or first chapter, which should be the best work they have ever done. Limited to 15 participants. 

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